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RT @MaryamHenein: @HoneyColony is giving proceeds of it's tshirt to @TrueFoodNow. RT @LarissWalker @JuneStoyer https://t.co/UCSEHEbp9e https://t.co/e9lJRNt2Yr
Connection Teaser Video: https://t.co/xa0f88RevZ via @YouTube
Swing'n'Swap | National Geographic Channel https://t.co/sHr4RE4YMU via @natgeo
4 Hilarious Things I Learned About Orgies (By Going to One) Read more: https://t.co/40ozr3p2Uw
Sex Tips For Overly Busy People https://t.co/nQ1AVqYnd2 via @HuffPostDivorce
A Glimpse Into The Lives Of Couples With Open Marriages https://t.co/cVuWKzVt3F via @HuffPostDivorce
Trying to organize your polyamorous lifestyle? There's an app for that https://t.co/gZqEg8XpiY by @sophcw via @FastCoDesign
Sex in Film - An Illustrated Cinematic History https://t.co/XVfyWoGxAc
Connection - the film: Connection Look Book https://t.co/qEi9DUJH2k
Inside the strange, jealous world of a married swinger couple https://t.co/cLadR3IZEO via @nypost
Five reasons you should have sex with your husband every night @HuffPostBlog https://t.co/3FQVZdzvp2 via @huffpostwedding
RT @STransformative: "So careful of the type she seems, So careless of the single life." #Tennyson #mothernature #evolution
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RT @Sultry_Dish: @JaredWWELover LOL! As they say, 90% of men masturbate, and the other 10% are lying!
RT @Sultry_Dish: How Attractive, Successful, and Reasonably Normal Men Become Middle Aged Virgins. https://t.co/iwhU7hXrLc
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RT @PantophilePanic: Your safe haven for all things fucked. Previous post: Learning the hard way about Toxic... https://t.co/kzt6QhtIu1
RT @MaryamHenein: 4 Surprising #Foods #Packed With #Estrogen—The Chemical Linked to #Obesity & #Sexual #Dysfunction https://t.co/a1ECyt6047
RT @MaryamHenein: "Years of Living Dangerously"—An Epic Insight Into #ClimateChange rt @YEARSofLIVING @sollygrana
RT @janwe: #Pentagon is asking defense contracts to develop algorithm for swarm #drones - welcome Skynet. via @truthout https://t.co/xosG0Wx
RT @MaryamHenein: Do You Have The #DNA Of A #Couch #Potato Or A #Runner? https://t.co/kBBveb697e rt @janwe https://t.co/q7FSwIXlTx
RT @wisdomsquote: Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear.
RT @HandsOfMany: Love to @ecochic @connection_film @centerforgood @mommysavesmoney @waxelene @awakeningaimee @fairchildwlw for the follows …
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Who is feeling sexy today? RT if you're sexy and you know it! https://t.co/dUybb58cky RT @JacquesT
RT @MaryamHenein: "@CONNECTION_film: #Robots & #sex: creepy or cool? https://t.co/Oekrf3sLh8" definitely creepy!
#Robots & #sex: creepy or cool? https://t.co/p3aYH44YwU
RT @SandiAndersen: https://t.co/lKyWNsX5vy You Might Be A Swinger If - You’ve been in any competition for a bottle of rum that involved ov…
RT @SwingLifestyle: Weekly Swinger Parties ! https://t.co/6QjBqVtpmI
RT @LifeStylesUSA: The older you are, the more likely you are to had sex outside the bedroom. Act your age tonight #SexChallenge https://t.c
RT @MBFacts8: After Sex Selfies. Talk about insane amounts of oversharing!! https://t.co/p24TE7LU7m https://t.co/i81nOHcv72
RT @iNashGriers: Love is not about sex, going on fancy dates, or showing off. It’s about being with a person who makes you happy in a way …
RT @ALTERNACOMICS: @WillettsBrandon @leeroyjenkin99 @ImaginedBooks @CONNECTION_film thanks for following! hope you enjoy our books: https://…
RT @femalesfitness: Squat motivation 👌 https://t.co/rwVRUJOzHq
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RT @e__amato: Did you miss the @CONNECTION_film webathon? You can see Miss Trust here (a little outa sync) featuring @mgajewelry! https://t…
RT @GoodDirtyWoman: Has anyone else taken a big loss in Google referrers to your site lately?
Connection Webathon (playlist) https://t.co/YwYTUGuZ72
RT @ShaktiGoddess1: I've created a fancy new #raw #vegan #dessert recipe! https://t.co/yfYk1H1lo3 Thanks @EdibleGoddess for the feature!…
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RT @commonsells: Wrap it up with @MySirRichards. https://t.co/mV5ivwcauG
RT @WSJ: Taco Bell's president on coming up with the idea of the waffle taco: https://t.co/dyRV4Z4sQ9
RT @EntMagazine: The Real Reason Taco Bell Made the Waffle Taco https://t.co/p5JpdmlRRf by @Kate_H_Taylor
RT @e__amato: @CONNECTION_film Let's do it again! ;) @TAsexTalk @Sultry_Dish @LA_Swingers
Kudos to all for supporting Erotic Freedom, especially for our Beloved Goddesses!
RT @TheBlackBoard: "Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging." - H…
RT @thaifrenchcoupl: Weekend plan? #sex #porn #nsfw #swingers #amateur #3some #groupsex #cuckold #milf #orgy #boobs #hot "@Fab_Ms_Starry ht…
Thank you everyone who participated in our titillating webathon. https://t.co/5m4TGT9D06 RT @e__amato @TAsexTalk @Sultry_Dish @LA_Swingers
RT @GreenDivaMeg: @Honeycolony - am in Del Mar till Sunday. let's make it happen QB! ;)
RT @e__amato: #womenyoushouldknow all #WomensHistoryMonth on the Zetyverse. Shirin Neshat --> https://t.co/Vb6RPquy06
Our #webathon will come to a thundering #climax at midnight. Tune in now. You're doin great @JacquesT https://t.co/5m4TGT9D06 #swingers
RT @TAsexTalk: @CONNECTION_film thank you, @JacquesT for a great interview on your webathon! And now we talk great sex on podcast! https://t…
RT @TAsexTalk: @CONNECTION_film T&A jazzed for our first live appearance talking sex parties & relationships with Director Jacques Thelemaq…
RT @OrganicReporter: The Organic Reporter Daily is out! https://t.co/aN6GHAjzB1 Stories via @Honeycolony @UrtheCast
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RT @JacquesT: I am broadcasting live at https://t.co/WRlSBWiAjp come and check it out! https://t.co/Ajunoo67Fd
RT @JacquesT: I am broadcasting live at https://t.co/WRlSBWiAjp come and check it out! https://t.co/RQ51ssSkJR
Tune into our sexy webathon! https://t.co/5m4TGT9D06 #connection #swingers #lifestyle
RT @traverse_media: Happening right now @CONNECTION_film Webathon ! Check in to join in the fun! https://t.co/4kkwex6ePp #ConnectionFilm #In…
RT @e__amato: Thanks @JacquesT and @CONNECTION_film ! :)
RT @e__amato: My first live-streaming gig! For a great cause supporting @CONNECTION_film 11:30am PDT Wednesday. Deets here: https://t.co/WXL
RT @sariyahidan: @MaryamHenein @JacquesT @CONNECTION_film -YES! I know you'll speak good truth.
Tune in: #webathon in support of the new #film “CONNECTION” https://t.co/5m4TGT9D06 #swingers RT @LA_Swingers @Sultry_Dish
RT @MaryamHenein: Tune in to hear me talk about #sex & #bees Wednesday March 26 830 pm on @JacquesT #webathon for @CONNECTION_film RT http:…
RT @e__amato: support a filmmaker, listen to some poetry and y'ain't even got to wear pants! 11:30am PDT tomorrow! @CONNECTION_film https://…
RT @MaryamHenein: "@e__amato: I'm going to be on the show Wednesday night. @CONNECTION_film fundraiser Wed 830pm PDT https://t.co/mj5Q9oTK
RT @Swinger_Nudist: Swingers Daily News is out! https://t.co/0hjy395n5p Stories via @bamadonaldg @BigsisBigsisxx
@ellie_henman We sent you an email. Sorry for the delay. #swingers #lifestyle. Check out our upcoming film!
RT @Honeycolony: When Sex Goes Toxic https://t.co/Ng1JDzJbvl #sex #sexlife #sexcreams #lubricant #toxins #skincare #awareness [email protected]
RT @funkybrownchick: Is your sex toy toxic? @LuminousInc says: "If you care what goes in your mouth, care what goes down south"... https://t…
RT @e__amato: @CONNECTION_film Doing a set of spoken word focused on relationships, intimacy, sexy food…like the Marmite poem: https://t.co
RT @BruceVH: When I accept myself, I am freed from the burden of needing you to accept me. - @SteveMaraboli https://t.co/SQrdK6FQq5
@MySirRichards - we're having a #webathon Wednesday. Please come on the show to talk toxin-free #condoms https://t.co/5m4TGT9D06
RT @LAKittens: Nice article comparing us to #therollingstones, but note we are on the 31st not the 28th of May.... https://t.co/cFH1kDoFFB
RT @e__amato: 11:30PDT. Wednesday. I'll be doing a set on an internet near you! Fundraising for @CONNECTION_film - stop by! Deets: https://t…
@e__amato What you going to be talking about? #swingers et al join in on the fun! https://t.co/5m4TGT9D06
RT @e__amato: sheet you don't even have to get dressed! check my livestream performance @CONNECTION_film fundraiser Wed 11:30amPDT https://…
Some space still available on the show - https://t.co/HShaMh77A8 We'd love more female perspectives. @drcarlen @ninaland @TheAllisonMoon
The "Connection" webathon gonna be a hell of a show on Wednesday! Don't miss it - https://t.co/HShaMh77A8 @JacquesT @Swinger_Nudist
"Connection" webathon gonna be a hell of a show on Wednesday! Don't miss it - https://t.co/HShaMh77A8 @LA_Swingers @Sultry_Dish @LAKittens
Make a "Connection" THIS Wednesday! https://t.co/hEwPIQ5gay
The "Connection" webathon gonna be a hell of a show on Wednesday! Don't miss it - https://t.co/HShaMh77A8
Make a "Connection" with us THIS Wednesday!! Webcasting live starting at 7 a.m. until Midnight. Tune in! Call in! - https://t.co/D7msgJN8WM
#LarsvonTrier's #Nymphomaniac - She's seemingly addicted to sex so why isn't she having any fun? —https://t.co/EJqBAK2a13 RT @LA_Swingers
RT @SexPIeasures: If you smell good, you're instantly more attractive.
RT @SexPIeasures: Perks of being a girl: You can think about whatever you want in public without worrying about boners
RT @LarissWalker: #Pollinator protection must be a top priority (so Bernie the Bee went to DC & made a scene at EPA!) via @honeycolony htt…
RT @markobrienwrite: A great writer crafts his characters with deep resonance to life. No self-help book will ever compare to a great story…
RT @ApiMaye: The ApiMaye Beekeeping Daily is out! https://t.co/4UQwZlGoMa Stories via @Honeycolony @DanielleSucher
RT @LAKittens: @CONNECTION_film this sounds awesome, would love to screen at one of our events - PM me where to email
"@LawsOfSex: If two people are happy together.. You leave them the fuck alone" how about if you're a #swinger?
RT @GnosisChocolate: You make your own luck every single minute of every day! https://t.co/2hEW6JUDd8
RT @LA_Swingers: NEW PARTY! Check out @LAKittens Los Angeles launch party https://t.co/preROrPWJh - first come first served.
RT @Inc: What will e-commerce look like in 10 years? @NeilBlumenthal has an idea: https://t.co/uD2aKyaccj @WarbyParker
RT @LA_Swingers: And it todays #Swinger news: Casting is currently underway for @CONNECTION_film. Super excited for this film. Stay tuned f…
When #Sex Goes #Toxic https://t.co/1NNAfDQZ11 rt @Sultry_Dish @SexTaIk @SexFactsOfLife
"@LA_Swingers: Hey Los Angeles! @CONNECTION_film is making a film on #swingers. Directed by @JacquesT https://t.co/MElvqn3XyI
@LA_Swingers @JacquesT thanks for the mention. Casting is currently under way!
RT @LA_Swingers: Hey Los Angeles! @CONNECTION_film is making a film on #swingers. Directed by @JacquesT. https://t.co/iH7UqyH73R https://t.…
RT @SwingersClass: Swingers Montevideo 2014 | Abril ! https://t.co/JeVAyTLXJG
RT @Honeycolony: Only a few days left to enter to win a free jar of Aseda Wild Honey! #giveaway #honey https://t.co/J4GcHflIcb https://t.co/y
RT @fillupngo: @CONNECTION_film @JacquesT Love films that push our squeamish sex buttons. Ditto #womensday2014- check out our film https://…
RT @matthewtoffolo: @CONNECTION_film Thanks for the follow. Submit to the Writing and Film Festival this month: https://t.co/UMwjgDFykw or w…
RT @rjcutler: Sign the petition to create a Documentary Golden Globe category. I just did, and so should you! https://t.co/H1VfSzpZWv
RT @rjcutler: @MMFlint, check out petition to create Documentary Golden Globe- your followers might want to show their support too! https://…
Happy International #WomensDay2014 . What would we do without these divine beautiful creatures?
RT @janwe: #Kucinich & #Williamson Talk #GMO exclusive report by @MaryamHenein https://t.co/ANl2Di1V4v via @Honeycolony
RT @MaryamHenein: #Kucinich & #Williamson Talk #GMOs https://t.co/yYgzRO01KF #Monsanto #foodsupply @FoodDemocracy @GMOFreeUSA
RT @projecteve1: 13 Quotes Every Entrepreneur Should Live By https://t.co/SkpP7Hy9EI
RT @your_angel06: Morning all https://t.co/65AnGOA5M0
@ellie_henman will do
RT @funinCGY: @CONNECTION_film looking forward very much to seeing the new film "Connection" https://t.co/zto3MQZ4Dx #swingers #Canadianswin…
"Hysterical Literature": Women Who Read Until Orgasm https://t.co/JPNkf8p0b3
A Few Questions About The Creative Process For "Connection" https://t.co/Gdtm6OKwz1
RT @MrMajicCoffee: Listen to my new episode MAJIC JISM WEDNESDAY: THE REAL SEX TALK RADIO SHOW at https://t.co/IlypowkK. #BlogTalkRadio #Swi…
RT @cndswingers: The #swingerslifestyle brings back the sexual impulse to any relationship https://t.co/BfuLAIKd0f #canadianswingers https://…
@ellie_henman how do we get in contact with you? #swingers
RT @ellie_henman: Looking for young #swingers from the UK to talk about their experiences #swingerslifestyle #sexparties Paid interview #jo…
RT @Bmore_horny: DON'T GO! #SexySaturday RT/F @Her_Hotties @Miss_B_Bennett @trouble_5000 @00blackNwhites @LustForWomen @falcon77777dc http:…
RT @Honeycolony: One more day to enter to win a 'Bee the Change' Shirt! Have you entered? https://t.co/xhGTlUqItU Good luck! https://t.co/C
RT @MaryamHenein: @Dennis_Kucinich & @EJKucinich talking #gmos and our food with @marwilliamson woot woot! https://t.co/A7QYBO87c1
RT @Honeycolony: Dr [email protected] discusses: How Pesticide Companies Silence Scientific Dissent https://t.co/ZEm42FtaJc #pesticides #genetics …
RT @MaryamHenein: "We are using millions of more pesticides each year and toxifying our lives." @EJKucinich #labelgmos
RT @Sultry_Dish: @CONNECTION_film Great question! Who are you tying to pitch it to? Your Audience? The Media? I'd love to know.
7 Foods that will Make You Feel Sexier https://t.co/LhwArwUgse
RT @GeolibSwingers: We're swingers ! And you ? RT please and follow us
Thanks for the follow @sexybiatchnhuby & @LA_Swingers
@Sultry_Dish We're in the midst of casting and we're looking for partners. We want to reach our audience!
@Sultry_Dish what is best way to pitch a story?
RT @Sultry_Dish: How profitable is sex? Within 3 months of Viagra's release to the public, it generated more than 400 Million dollars in p…
RT @Honeycolony: We are giving away a #beethechange teeshirt. Enter to win! #ecotiptue Giveaway: https://t.co/L6c8podvsa
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Casting for "Connection" has begun!! Guess the actors and WIN!! :) https://t.co/mKmuotiftY
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RT @MaryamHenein: You are less likely to get stung by a managed hive than a wild one! Education is first step to change. Legalize beekeepin…
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Critics making their own version of "Nymphomaniac's "O" face! https://t.co/7QZwNhhcYz
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RT @susannahbreslin: Waiting for a master list of the worst essays written by women in which they present themselves as victims.
Check out our smashing new website. https://t.co/0vbKCB1c5v
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RT @Sultry_Dish: Ladies, talking dirty during sex is a great way to add excitement to sex. Here are some tips for easing into it. https://…
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RT @AileenSoo: Be picky about what vibes you let draw in. Don't let anyone negatively impact your exuberance or sense of can-do. [email protected]
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RT @JacquesT: Sundance is barely 24 hours old, and I've seen 2 movies, been to 6 or 10 parties and had several meetings. This is gonna b a …
RT @JacquesT: Amazing private Sundance dinner sponsored by Facebook last night. Met some incredible people of vision and... https://t.co/cEX
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RT @JacquesT: Jury mates and I picked the winning films yesterday for Slamdance. But big congrats to ALL the Filmmakers!! #Slamdance
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Would you like to be in our movie? Contest coming soon to find the right couples. Shout out your interest! #swinging #swinglifestyle
Substantial Chocolate: Magical Macuna https://t.co/lResDVXOri
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Study: Sexercise. You Get Out What You Put In https://t.co/i0GeqABPRU RT @Sultry_Dish
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@CONNECTION_film writer/director @JacquesT is heading to @sundancefest soon. Who's going to be there?
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@Connection explores the #swinging lifestyle through the eyes of a married couple. https://t.co/0vbKCB1c5v
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What the fluck? There's a lurking sense that there's a kind of seedy corruption underlying a lot of public life today https://t.co/vc4y7oTcH4
Can you #connect? Find out more about this provocative film about #swingers. #lifestyle. https://t.co/VsvNkbAHk8 https://t.co/W3GogYknjb
Can YOU connect? - That's the film's central question. Also, the new cover art on our Facebook page. Check it out: https://t.co/1NWYRW95M1
Survey: Adam and Eve Reveals Men’s Habits 45 percent of adult males prefer watching porn alone! Is that you... https://t.co/EgTkwa8Jf2
What? #Women with plumper backsides may also be #smarter than their flat butt counterparts. https://t.co/hQBZDjI5U5
Study: Women with Big Butts are Healthier, Smarter What? Women with plumper backsides may also be smarter than... https://t.co/0qJwt3gRmg
Drugs and Porn: An Afternoon at a Pakistani Cinema. Is this a result of sexual repression? Of women being covered up? https://t.co/S4tL1W3uJy
Drugs and Porn: An Afternoon at a Pakistani Cinema in the Heart of the Taliban Is this a result of sexual... https://t.co/H6flcDrCiA
RT @AileenSoo: Your surroundings affect not just your level of material comfort but also your physical & mental health, & your relationship…
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Naughty America Allows You To Trade Unwanted Gift Cards For A Porn Subscription... https://t.co/UZSJlJhdhs
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RT @KasperObskura: You ever look for your hat or sunglasses only to find out you were wearing them while you looked for them? Me neither.
Being well hydrated leads to better orgasms. Find out more surprising facts about sex!... https://t.co/4sgg9XKyyf
What? Wearing high heels can negatively affect a woman’s #orgasm. Check out more shocking #sex facts https://t.co/55bqHjKHCE